Official NWS dual-pole radar online training manuals

Concurrent with the release of the NWS dual-pole radar replacement schedule, found here:


The National Weather Service has developed and released courses on all of the products that
you'll be seeing with the new dual-pole radars. With base moments being delivered with
level 2 radar data, and with derived products using level 3 data, you'll want to understand
what the gibberish at the beginning of this sentence really means to you, and how you can use
and interpret those new radar products properly. The good news is that the training is divided
into various categories: those who are meteorologists who have used radar for years and have been
trained on it, both inside and outside the NWS, as well as non-meteorologists who want to be
brought up to speed.

While we at Allisonhouse offer no radar training, we STRONGLY encourage you to run through at least
one of the courses that have just been offered from the NWS, at NO CHARGE. This will let you get the
most from your Allisonhouse subscription...as well as understanding the weather phenomena you'll be
seeing with these new radars. To go to the courses, simply click here:


Plan to spend several hours over a weekend plus more for review as these radars are deployed in your area.
And as always, thank you again for being an Allisonhouse customer, as we head into this exciting new world of dual-polar
radar meteorology!


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